Dr Yasmin Tayeb

Founder, Dentist & Facial Aesthetics Practitioner

Botox treatments in Cobham by Dr Yasmin Tayeb

Our facial aesthetic treatments are carried out by a highly qualified dentist, Dr. Yasmin Tayeb. Dr Yasmin Tayeb is the founder of Wellface®. Dr Yasmin graduated from Bristol University with Honours and worked as a dentist in her hometown in London. She has over 10 years of professional experience and takes pride in the treatments she has carried out to address concerns including those of professional athletes and TV personalities. 

Dr Yasmin’s experience in facial anatomy and aesthetics comes from working for many years at a range of hospitals including St George’s Hospital, Kingston Hospital, and St Heliers Hospital in London. She enhanced her skills in oral surgery and has a keen eye for facial aesthetics, leading her to undergo further training and qualifications in orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

Patients have provided great feedback about Dr. Tayeb as she uses her dental background to provide an excellent service. As a patient of Dr Tayeb, you can expect:

  • a thorough consultation and treatment options explained clearly;
  • the practice of the safest and most effective treatment methods;
  • use of the highest quality medical grade products on the market;
  • a practitioner with deep knowledge of facial anatomy and optimal facial proportions to achieve the results desired.

Dr Tayeb works closely with all of her patients to achieve their health and beauty goals, carefully tailoring her treatments to achieve a subtly enhanced beautiful face.

Please book a consultation with Dr Yasmin Tayeb to discuss your personal health and beauty benefits.